What is Reiki?


    Reiki is an energy healing art that channels life-force energy to assist the body in its own innate healing. Reiki promotes deep relaxation on mental, physical and emotional levels and encourages the release of dis-ease. The gentle, light touch of reiki helps to clear out and align the body’s energy centers.







    What to expect?


    During a reiki session you will lay on a massage table wearing comfortable clothing. You can expect to feel a sense of calm and relaxation. While everyone’s experience is different, most people report a tingling sensation, waves of energy, areas of hot or cold and a dream-like state or straight up sleep. Some people see colors and visual imagery throughout their session. Others may not feel or see anything in particular. Your intuition is heightened during a reiki session so don’t be surprised if you get a dreamy message from beyond, a fleeting image or memory, or insights on a long standing problem- similar to what you might experience during meditation. Typically, reiki uses a light touch/hands-on technique as well as working in the auric field. Reiki may be provided solely in the auric field for anyone who is uncomfortable with touch. I utilize accompanying modalities of energy healing throughout the session including tuning forks and sound healing.  







    Hello! My name is Dana (she/her) and I am working towards co-creating a more compassionate, peaceful and just world and striving to be the best version of myself. I’ve spent over 15 years working in Human Services with a focus in Restorative Justice and Circle Keeping for the past 10 years. I received my master level reiki certificate in 2014 and I’ve been practicing ever since. Every reiki session is so unique, keeping this practice fun and exciting for me. I believe that everyone has something to teach me and every mistake is an opportunity for growth.


    Also, I am a: Cuban, vegan, empath, avid hiker, artist, lesbian, magician, channel and forever student of life, the universe and everything!




    Why Rainbow Connection?


    I have always loved rainbows. Being a child of the 80’s, there was no shortage of rainbows in my life. CareBears, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Lisa Frank- it was glorious. Rainbows are visions but only illusions, the mere fact that we can see them is magic. As I grew older rainbows began to mean so much more to me. They are a symbol of equality and peace, inclusivity and diversity, hope for the rainbow after the storm and new beginnings. They are the symbol of my community. In ancient mythology rainbows were often thought of as the bridge between humans and the Divine, heaven and earth. Also, I love the Muppets.




  • Services

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    60 Minute Session $50-$100

    I believe reiki should be available to all and for that reason, I utilize a sliding scale fee. I am also open to bartering.


    *The best way to schedule a session is to email, text or call: rainbowconnectionreiki11@gmail.com ~ (516) 680-5454


    Session Options:


    - Reiki room at 101 S. Riverside Rd., Highland, NY


    - Optional MediCrystal Amethyst/Tourmaline Infrared Heat Mat included in session


    - Remote/Virtual reiki session (Yes, distance reiki is real and is just as powerful. You can choose whether you’d like to tune in with me through a virtual platform or simply get into a relaxed space on your own at an agreed upon time.)







    "Dana truly has a gift for healing those around her. She has done reiki on me multiple times, and every time she has validated my experiences after her sessions. There’s no denying how intuitive she is while practicing her energy work, as she has given my body exactly what it needs and has helped me release blockages that I’ve struggled to release in therapy. Dana is so kind and compassionate with the way she holds space for me during my healing journey through reiki, and I will continue to go to her for it for sure! Highly recommend!"


    Diana M.





    "When people think of Reiki, they mostly think of the physical benefits, the healing of bodily ailments, etc., but they may not be aware of the profound emotional impact it can have, as well.


    I had my first Reiki experience when I volunteered as a patient for Dana Katz, as she was completing an advanced training course with the Awareness Shop in New Paltz, NY. As she passed her hands around my body, I experienced the warmth coursing through it, which is typical of all good ‘Reiki’. What followed, though, was unexpected. I had for years, since the passing of both my parents, been unable to express grief of any kind. Where once I was a deeply emotional person, I was now incapable of a single tear. I thought I was losing my mind, and was becoming a unfeeling sociopath, incapable of human emotion.

    Dana’s brief session changed all that. It was as though a cork had been pulled, and suddenly all the emotions that had been penned up for nearly a decade came pouring out. And it was exhilarating! I was crying again! I could listen to sad songs, or watch a sad movie with tears streaming down my face. And at long last, I was able to properly grieve my family members. That all this happened immediately following her Reiki session cannot be denied."


    Joe L.



    "My reiki experience with Dana was incredibly healing. The advice and information she provided beforehand really enhanced my experience and allowed me to be open. The space that Dana provided allowed me to feel comfortable and let go enough to reap the benefits of this practice. It was my first ever reiki session and I couldn't have had a better experience."


    Stephanie H.


    "Dana has created a lovely atmosphere for healing work. Her touch and presence is warm, accepting and invites total relaxation. I always lose track of time --I can be very fidgety and have trouble clearing my mind but on Dana's table that all changes. Her Reiki fills me with such peace, warmth, joy and contentment that I lay there smiling silly and am surprised to learn an hour has gone by. She is deeply intuitive and has reported images and feelings to me during our debrief afterwards which were important to me and also brought insight, comfort and optimism to life transitions I found myself in."


    -Maria S.




    Contact Me

    Questions, comments or special requests? I'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out!

    101 South Riverside Rd. Highland, NY 12528